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Employers continue to see the benefits of foreign national talent.

In 2024, the global immigration landscape is being shaped by factors like immigration fee increases, budgeting shifts, team headcount changes and policy change uncertainties.

As a result, employers are reassessing and adapting their strategies to navigate these shifting conditions.

This year's report captures the temperature of the business community and forecasts what is to come.

What's Inside:

  • The impact of macroeconomic factors on employer demand to hire foreign talent
  • Remote work and other employee benefits
  • Budgeting changes and policy planning
  • Benchmarking for corporate immigration programs

2024 U.S. Immigration Trends Report

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Discover the top U.S. immigration trends for 2024

Download the report to see how your organization compares when it comes to U.S. corporate immigration and global mobility in 2024. 

Why This Report Matters

Employers today face a dynamic global landscape where talent acquisition and mobility are critical for success. The Envoy Global 2024 U.S. Immigration Trends Report provides valuable insights for employers to benchmark their strategies, navigate immigration challenges and shape effective global mobility policies.

Dick Burke
CEO & President, Envoy Global